nuggets vegetariani alle verdure fresche Natus Food


Nuggets or mini burger made of 65% fresh vegetables, characterized by carrots and potatoes, natural aroma to recreate a typical dish of Trento, the “canederli with speck”, a finger food to be eaten with your hands.

The product has a breading, it is not fried, its cooking guarantees an external crispness, while the “core” remains soft.

The product is soya free and gluten free, a source of protein coming from legumes such as chickpeas and peas.

The production process consists in low temperature cooking and the packaging takes place in a clean room with a modified atmosphere.

The packaging is totally recyclable and in single material, the tray can be used directly in the microwave.

nuggets senza soia alle verdure Natus Food
Nuggets Natus alle verdure per vegani senza glutine trentino

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